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Yearly Archives: 2010

Work/Life Balance

Many people complain about not having enough time, they often ask “How can I achieve work/life balance?” This question leaves you thinking from a warped context, your life isn’t a set of scales! The problem of balancing these scales that don’t actually exist, leaves you with an insoluble dilemma. What can you add to one […]

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Triad for conflict resolution

While searching for something to introduce to you this week, I came across a new talk on which I think makes very interesting viewing. Take 19 minutes to be be inspired by William Ury, an amazing guy who has worked on resolving some of the most difficult conflict scenarios. There are some very powerful […]

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Are people jerks, or what?

Is there anyone who hasn’t thought that about people in general or maybe just certain people? We, human beings, have an incredible capacity for judging and invalidating people.  From what we’ve experienced, we think it’s likely that you have had these kinds of thoughts too. One way to think about your judgements and opinions is […]

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Economic Reality Check

Every week we look for new and possibly interesting things to talk about or create with you. This week, while doing our research we came across a TED talk that we thought would stimulate thinking and hopefully some interesting conversations. Tim Jackson is Professor of Sustainable Development and Director of the Research group on Lifestyles, […]

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What’s the story you are creating?

We wanted to find or create a blog about what John King, Dave Logan and Halee Fischer-Wright, the authors of Tribal Leadership, call a “Noble Cause”. A visionary cause that is way bigger than any individual or even, perhaps bigger than any organization. As the authors say “a world of play and interconnection for everyone”. […]

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Problems… what problems?

There are a couple of problems with our usual approach to problem solving. The first and probably most unapparent is the way in which we articulate problems. How often do we hear problems that are articulated as some form of insufficiency, e.g. “We don’t have enough resources”. This kind of articulation hides the problem in […]

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Key to Success: Executive Alignment

Our experience tells us that executive alignment is at the heart of any organization’s ability to achieve spectacular business results. It underlies the success or failure of the organization to achieve strategic business goals. The perception by middle managers and the workforce of the executive team’s aligned commitment to stated goals is critical to engaging […]

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Do we have your attention yet?

The following numbers are averages calculated from published research of an 11 year study of companies with and without performance enhancing cultures:

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It’s The Future, Stupid!

Welcome to our first blog entry – we will be posting a new entry every Monday – with the intention that you start the week inspired and empowered. Our first blog entry is a short talk by Dave Logan about America’s future. Given our client work with various organizations is all based on fulfilling created […]

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