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Blog Fish Guy 6 Rules for Looking Good!

It’s always important to look good.  I know, some of you are thinking this is about looking good to others like saving face, or one upmanship.  No, what I’m talking about is looking good!  


There are so many people walking around out there that really could present themselves in a much better light. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, or short or tall.  There is a way for everyone to look great without spending a fortune.  It’s just about following a few simple rules.  This one is for ladies.  I’ll address myself to men in my next entry.


1. Accept how you look now.  You might want to lose weight or you may need a tan or you plan to dye your hair…no, accept how you look now.


2. Wear clothes that are appropriate for your age and express who you are.  Although you might think you look younger in those short shorts, or small tube tops…take another look! You can develop your own style without steeling from your children.


3. Having a waist is important. You don’t have to be a skinny minny to wear a belt or to define your waist.  By bringing attention to your waist you immediately look smaller and begin to define an hourglass shape.  Your waist by the way is not your natural waist but the smallest part of you, usually about 4 fingers below your boobs.  Empire dresses work for most people because they define a high waist making your legs look incredibly long and you look leaner.


4. Everyone should have a great pair of jeans.  If you’re still wearing jeans higher than your navel or tapered at your ankle…it’s time to wear something else.  Go to a great jean store, one that carries an assortment of brands and styles and spend some time with a great salesperson who will tell you what looks good and what doesn’t.  Here are some things to think about.  A dark wash will always make you look slimmer. A straight leg works for everyone.  Skinny jeans or bell bottoms work for some people but not for everyone. The waist should be just below your navel.  These same things apply to any trouser that you might be interested in.


5. Mix and match colours with neutrals.  Some of you might be surprised by what a neutral is.  Black, blue, grey, burgundy (wine), brown, denim, gold, silver, are all examples of neutrals.  Buying your most expensive pieces in neutral colours will have your wardrobe last a very long time.  So suits, pants, jackets all in neutral.  The pop of colour can come from blouses, shoes, purses, and jewelry.  Don’t be afraid of pattern but in small doses like a shoe, or blouse or hat, but not all together.


6. Wear fabulous shoes.  I know that many women don’t like wearing heels. Wear whatever heel you feel comfortable in.  Try them on, you might be surprised.  The higher the heel the taller and leaner you appear. Flats are fine but won’t give you that allure that heels will provide.


Ok, so there you have Fiksel’s 6 rules for looking good. Try it…you might like it!  Have fun. More later.

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