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Blog Fish Guy It’s The Future, Stupid!

Welcome to our first blog entry – we will be posting a new entry every Monday – with the intention that you start the week inspired and empowered.

Our first blog entry is a short talk by Dave Logan about America’s future. Given our client work with various organizations is all based on fulfilling created futures, we thought this was very relevant. Consider while reading what Dave has to say “What is the future I, or my organization is living into?” Or, “What is the future that Canadians are living into?”

It’s the future, stupid! — Dave Logan

Yesterday, I was on a conference call with people who are studying The Three Laws of Performance and applying its principles in their companies, and one of them asked the best question I’ve heard in months. After I mentioned that I read a lot of financial news one reader asked, “What message do you wish you could get out there?”

The message is this: America is lost because we have lost our inspiring future. The news today is filled with opinions about when the recession will end, when job loss will hit bottom, when the housing market will recover. The big questions are whether the stimulus is too big, too small, and how it will affect your city. The default future seems to be, “gloomy until it’s not.”

As futures go, this is about as inspiring as someone with the flu living for the day when he gets out of bed.

What made the Great Depression so depressing was that the future people saw was a lot like what people see today—“gloomy until it’s not.” As the First Law of Performance says, people’s actions correlate to how situations occur to them. The actions that go with “gloomy until it’s not” are a lot like what we see now—cutting back, ceasing innovation, putting dreams on hold.

It took World War II to inspire America to craft a new future—leader of a prosperous, peaceful world.

America is vibrant when we have a future that pulls us toward nobility. At our founding, the future was a great experiment in democracy. During World War I, it was “making the world safe for democracy.” During the dark days of the Civil War, it was a united, free country. More recently, there was a future during the Reagan years (remember “it’s morning again in America”?) and under one Clinton, emphasizing America as the leader of the great democracies.

The question for America today is this: Can we create a new future that will displace “gloomy until it’s not,” or will we have to wait for external events to intervene? If we can create rather than wait, people’s actions will correlate to what we invent, and the news on consumer spending, layoffs, and earnings report will turn around in short order.

Today, more so than ever, it’s the future, stupid!

Dave Logan is one of the authors of “Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization” and co-author of “Three Laws of Performance”.

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