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Blog Fish Guy What’s the story you are creating?

We wanted to find or create a blog about what John King, Dave Logan and Halee Fischer-Wright, the authors of Tribal Leadership, call a “Noble Cause”. A visionary cause that is way bigger than any individual or even, perhaps bigger than any organization. As the authors say “a world of play and interconnection for everyone”.

While we were researching content, we came across a talk that was made by the famous French designer, Phillipe Starck, back in March of 2007. There was something that struck us about what he is saying, some things that we thought might make a difference for us all to consider.

You have to get past his style (he is very self deprecating) and the obvious difficulties that he has with the English language, but we thought that the effort was worth it. When we found this talk we weren’t sure what he would talk about (we’re not sure he was either) but thought it might be interesting.

Phillipe begins by pointing to three kinds of design. “Cynical”, “Narcissistic” and although he doesn’t label the third, might we suggest “Beneficial”, the kind of design that starts by looking at what the outcomes would be and who would be the recipient of the “profit for the human being” as he says it.

He moves from the design of “beneficial” products to the nature of the species that uses them, to what he calls the “big challenge in front of us”, and through the primordial soup to evolution and literally to the end of the world. Quite a lot of ground to cover in a 17 minute talk. Anyway, we found it thought-provoking and entertaining, something different, a little unusual. We hope you find it interesting too.

Click Here to see the talk

The questions we want to leave you with are:

1 What is the story you are inventing and for what community?

2 What is your “noble cause”?

If you are interested in Tribal Leadership, you can download the free audio book from our main blog page, click on “blog” in the navigation bar above and go to the bottom of the page “Neat stuff: talks” to get the link.

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