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Cultural Transformation

Cultural Transformation: Produce results and deliver on your strategies.


A long-term care facility was facing serious issues.  Customer surveys were unsatisfactory and there was no waiting list for seniors wanting to enter the facility, which raised concern about its financial viability. Coaching for Action was brought in to transform relationships and communication inside the organization, advance the leadership capacity of the managers and empower staff to take responsibility and create effective solutions to their problems. 


We provided one-on-one coaching for managers leading customer service teams and worked with individual managers to create a process that could be replicated in other areas of the organization. A vision was created that generated excitement and enthusiasm. Staff took responsibility for their part in creating the perception of poor customer service and began to make significant changes. Management experienced a new kind of energy and cohesiveness that resulted in improved partnership and collaboration across all levels of the organization.


Today the facility is a centre of excellence and is producing extraordinary results in customer service.