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Executive and Team Coaching

Executive and Team Coaching: Create ”we’re great” people and teams who are out to change the world.


Three years ago, four young entrepreneurs came to us having developed a web-based fund-raising tool. The tool called “Tagged by Kindness” had proved enormously successful with their first and only client. However, they were having a very hard time marketing the tool to charities. It seemed that no one wanted to spend money unless there was a guaranteed, rapid return on investment.


Coaching for Action worked with the group to help them identify what their real passion was. What they really valued was the process that had allowed them to create the tool in the first place; in short their core value was ‘creativity’. In just a few sessions they created a new future for their business and gave birth to “tbk creative” which today is a highly creative, national award winning, web-design and social media marketing agency.