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Technology – the bain and light of my life!

I will start by telling you that I like the ease of communicating through emails both professionally and with my family and friends. I love that we can receive photos (of grandchildren!) and documents as attachments, instead of them having to be sent by “snail mail”. The ability of typing into a computer to produce […]

Steps Toward Team Building

Recently I have been blessed with the experience of working with a tight knit, cohesive and collaborative team.  It was a small team and there was a strong sense of belonging to something that was bigger than ourselves as individuals.  There wasn’t a hierarchy within the team but there were three distinctive roles and we […]

Where are all the Girls?

There is a wonderful picture on my computer screensaver, taken last September, of my husband and I, surrounded by our five granddaughters (ranging in age from four months to almost 7 years old).   Each time that photo catches my eye, I still find myself in a kind of almost happy disbelief, for the score […]

6 Rules for Looking Good!

It’s always important to look good.  I know, some of you are thinking this is about looking good to others like saving face, or one upmanship.  No, what I’m talking about is looking good!     There are so many people walking around out there that really could present themselves in a much better light. […]

Dialogue With Difference

If you were to look up the word ‘tolerance’ in the dictionary, it would tell you that it means ‘broad-mindedness, lenience or acceptance’… much to my surprise.   However, resonates more closely with my interpretation of this word: ‘the act or capacity of enduring; endurance’.   For example: “My tolerance of noise is limited”. […]

Cultural Intelligence and Aging Parents

Most days, when I take the time to read the newspaper, I find an article about another country that provokes me to reflect on what I might learn about their culture.   Recently, I saw a small article on new Chinese Legislation in the International Herald Tribune. The header read ‘Law requires children to visit […]

More Astonishing!

Last week we talked about  an astonishing statistic that we came across that suggested that 84% of people polled intend to leave their job this year. We began to wonder why that would be the case? Could it be that they feel under compensated?  Or could there be something else at play?  Watch this Ted Talk […]

Astonishing Statistic

According to a poll conducted by RIGHT Management 84% of people polled, are intending to leave their job in 2011. Are you experiencing the impact of this in your business e.g. low productivity, high turnover, low morale, poor execution?  Even if 20% of employees actually leave, what is more devastating is the 64% who stay. […]

Work/Life Balance

Many people complain about not having enough time, they often ask “How can I achieve work/life balance?” This question leaves you thinking from a warped context, your life isn’t a set of scales! The problem of balancing these scales that don’t actually exist, leaves you with an insoluble dilemma. What can you add to one […]

Triad for conflict resolution

While searching for something to introduce to you this week, I came across a new talk on which I think makes very interesting viewing. Take 19 minutes to be be inspired by William Ury, an amazing guy who has worked on resolving some of the most difficult conflict scenarios. There are some very powerful […]