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Diversity and Inclusion: Cultural Intelligence

Outcome: Through inclusion, generate innovation and competitive advantage.


Look around, workplaces are becoming more culturally varied. It is crucial to successfully navigate differences in approaches to innovation, collaboration, problem solving, and risk taking in today’s world.


Our approach to Cultural Intelligence has a substantial impact that is immediate and measurable in a multicultural business environment.


We optimize performance, reduce conflict and improve both employee and customer relationships.



Outcome: Know yourself and others on the team

Complete your CQ multi-rater assessment and discover your cultural intelligence. Our report provides detailed feedback on the four Cultural Intelligence capabilities: motivation, knowledge, strategy and action. In addition, the report identifies your individual cultural value orientations and how you compare to world norms.


Building CQ capabilities in your organization have proven to result in a high return on investment in either decreased turnover or increased productivity.


If you’re interested in generating innovation and competitive advantage in your organization through diversity and inclusion…call us!