To re-ignite the human spirit and bring organizations to life


We know it’s difficult to focus on the important issues facing your organization when there’s a crisis at hand. But we also know that successful businesses don’t leave the longer term challenges on the back burner. That’s why we work with our clients to create solutions that address challenges head on, to get ahead of issues before they become lingering problems.

We coach and support our clients, long after our initial session ends, as they build the future they are committed to.

In the past, clients have used our services to create effective team dynamics, to deal with widespread employee dissatisfaction, and to improve bottom-line results.


Coaching for Action Inc. is a Toronto-based full service management consultancy with a global view. We work with executives and leaders in organizations to create alignment in the areas of leadership, culture and strategy. We identify the limiting points of view that keep businesses trapped and focused solely on what’s urgent. We encourage forward thinking, taking our clients to remarkable heights by building powerful futures.


In short: we drive change. Our integrated programs are intended to push participants beyond their comfort zone and demand immediate on-the-job application. Coaching for Action programs consist of individual and team coaching, workshops, projects, learning triads, and the use of social media and communities of practice. We deliver learning of three distinct types: informational, operational, and transformational. This approach gives learners “know how,” not merely “know about.” As a result, participants come away from our sessions acting in new ways, leading powerfully, creating an inclusive and collaborative environment, and producing outcomes that were previously unimaginable.


Produce results and deliver on your strategies

Through inclusion, generate innovation and competitive advantage.

Produce the results you set out to produce.

Bold leaders creating “we’re great” teams.

Create “we’re great” people and teams who are out to change the world.

Build collaborative teams that produce spectacular results.

The impossible becomes possible.

Achieve optimum levels of collaboration and teamwork.